The Overland Track: Tasmania's Premier Hiking Experience

In the heart of Tasmania, within the confines of its world-renowned Australia national parks, lies one of the most iconic hiking trails in the world – The Overland Track. This premier hiking experience offers adventurers an unforgettable journey through Tasmania's rugged wilderness, showcasing the pristine beauty that Australia's national parks are celebrated for.

Introduction to The Overland Track

The Overland Track stretches over 65 kilometers, traversing the stunning landscapes of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. This track is not just a hike; it's a journey through ancient rainforests, alpine meadows, and serene glacial lakes, providing an immersive experience in one of Australia's most breathtaking natural environments.

Preparing for the Overland Track

1. Timing and Booking: The hiking season for the Overland Track runs from October to May, with permits required during this peak period. Booking in advance is essential to secure your spot.

2. Gear and Supplies: Suitable hiking gear is crucial, including sturdy boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and camping equipment if you plan to stay overnight. Pack enough food and water for the journey, keeping in mind that supplies are not available on the track.

3. Fitness Level: The Overland Track is a moderate to challenging hike, requiring a good level of fitness. Preparation should include physical training and familiarization with hiking in variable conditions.

Experience the Diverse Landscapes

The Overland Track is famed for its diverse and ever-changing landscapes:

1. Cradle Mountain: The journey begins at the iconic Cradle Mountain, offering dramatic mountain vistas and the opportunity to spot native wildlife.

2. Rainforests and Waterfalls: Traverse through ancient rainforests, home to unique Tasmanian flora and fauna. The track passes stunning waterfalls, offering refreshing stops along the way.

3. Alpine Plains and Glacial Lakes: Experience the tranquility of alpine plains and the beauty of glacial lakes, including the picturesque Dove Lake.

4. Mount Ossa: For the adventurous, a side trip to Mount Ossa, Tasmania's highest peak, provides panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Wildlife and Flora

Australia national parks are rich in biodiversity, and the Overland Track is no exception:

1. Unique Wildlife: Keep an eye out for the elusive Tasmanian devil, echidnas, wombats, and wallabies. Birdwatchers can spot a variety of endemic species.

2. Flora: The track showcases a range of ecosystems, from button grass moorlands to ancient myrtle-beech rainforests. The area's flora is a testament to Tasmania's geological history.

Environmental Conservation

The Overland Track is a prime example of environmental conservation within Australia national parks:

1. Leave No Trace: Adhere to the principles of 'Leave No Trace' to minimize your impact on the fragile ecosystem.

2. Respect Wildlife: Maintain a respectful distance from wildlife and avoid feeding or disturbing them.

3. Stay on the Path: To protect the natural habitat, always stay on designated paths and camp in designated areas.

Cultural Significance

The Overland Track holds significant cultural value, with ties to the Indigenous people of Tasmania. Recognize and respect the cultural heritage sites you encounter along the way.

Tips for a Successful Hike

1. Weather Awareness: Tasmania's weather can be unpredictable. Stay informed about the forecast and be prepared for all conditions.

2. Pace Yourself: The Overland Track is best enjoyed at a steady pace, allowing time to absorb the stunning scenery and rest as needed.

3. Hydration and Nutrition: Regularly hydrate and consume high-energy foods to maintain your energy levels throughout the hike.

Accommodation Options

The Overland Track offers a range of accommodation options:

1. Public Huts: Basic public huts are available on a first-come, first-served basis, providing shelter and communal sleeping areas.

2. Camping: Designated camping sites offer a more intimate experience with nature. Ensure you carry appropriate camping gear.

3. Private Huts: For a more comfortable experience, private guided walks offer accommodation in private huts with additional amenities.

The Finish Line: Lake St Clair

The track concludes at the stunning Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest natural freshwater lake. Here, hikers can reflect on their journey and enjoy the serene beauty of the lake, surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges.


The Overland Track is more than just a hiking trail; it's an immersive experience in one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes of Australia national parks. It challenges and rewards in equal measure, offering a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and a deep connection with the ancient land. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a nature enthusiast, the Overland Track in Tasmania is a journey that should be on every adventurer's bucket

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