Best Camping Locations In Broome

Broome, situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, offers some fantastic camping locations amid its stunning landscapes. Here are some of the best camping spots in and around Broome:

  1. Cable Beach Caravan Park:

    • Located near the famous Cable Beach, this caravan park offers both powered and unpowered camping sites. It's a short walk from the beach and has facilities like a swimming pool and barbecue area.
  2. Roebuck Bay Caravan Park:

    • Situated on the shores of Roebuck Bay, this caravan park provides camping sites with beautiful views. It's close to town and features amenities such as a pool, camp kitchen, and barbecue facilities.
  3. Barn Hill Station Stay:

    • A bit south of Broome, Barn Hill Station Stay offers a unique camping experience on a working cattle station. Campers can enjoy stunning coastal views, explore the tidal flats, and relax in a peaceful environment.
  4. Broome Vacation Village:

    • This holiday park provides a range of accommodation options, including camping and caravan sites. It has amenities like a swimming pool and is conveniently located near Cable Beach and town.
  5. Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation:

    • Lombadina offers camping facilities on the Dampier Peninsula. It's a cultural experience, and campers can explore the local community, pristine beaches, and historical sites.
  6. Middle Lagoon Campground:

    • A scenic camping spot located on the Dampier Peninsula, Middle Lagoon offers beachfront camping with beautiful turquoise waters. It's a peaceful retreat with basic facilities.
  7. Goombaragin Eco Retreat:

    • For those seeking an eco-friendly camping experience, Goombaragin Eco Retreat provides beachfront camping on the Dampier Peninsula. It's a remote and pristine location with a focus on sustainability.
  8. James Price Point Campground:

    • This campground is situated near the iconic James Price Point, known for its stunning cliffs and coastal scenery. It offers basic facilities and a rugged camping experience.
  9. Quandong Point Campground:

    • Located on the Dampier Peninsula, Quandong Point Campground provides beachfront camping surrounded by nature. It's a peaceful spot for those looking to escape the crowds.
  10. Willie Creek Pearl Farm Camping:

    • For a unique experience, campers can stay at the Willie Creek Pearl Farm. It offers camping with access to the beautiful Willie Creek and the opportunity to learn about pearl farming.

Before planning your camping trip, it's advisable to check for availability, make reservations if required, and be aware of any specific regulations or guidelines at each camping site. Enjoy your camping adventure in and around Broome!

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