Best Camping Locations In Perth

Perth and its surrounding areas offer a variety of camping locations, from coastal sites to inland national parks. Here are some of the best camping locations near Perth:

  1. Yalgorup National Park:

    • Located about an hour and a half south of Perth, Yalgorup National Park is known for its stunning coastal scenery. Martins Tank Campground offers camping facilities close to the beach, and you can explore the Thrombolites at Lake Clifton.
  2. Lane Poole Reserve:

    • Situated in Dwellingup, Lane Poole Reserve is a popular destination for camping and outdoor activities. The Baden Powell Campground is a great spot along the Murray River, providing opportunities for swimming, canoeing, and bushwalking.
  3. Serpentine National Park:

    • Just over an hour's drive from Perth, Serpentine National Park is home to the iconic Serpentine Falls. The park has a campground with basic facilities, and you can enjoy hiking and birdwatching in the area.
  4. Mundaring Weir Campground:

    • Close to Perth, Mundaring Weir Campground offers a tranquil setting along the Helena River. It's a great spot for bushwalking, picnics, and exploring the nearby Beelu National Park.
  5. Walyunga National Park:

    • Located along the Swan River, Walyunga National Park is less than an hour's drive from Perth. The Dwaarlindjirraap Campground provides a peaceful setting, and you can enjoy activities like canoeing, hiking, and wildlife watching.
  6. Dwellingup Forest Heritage Area:

    • Dwellingup, about 97 kilometers south of Perth, is surrounded by beautiful forests. There are various camping options in the area, including the Stringers and Turner Hill Campgrounds.
  7. Wilbinga Conservation Park:

    • For a coastal camping experience, Wilbinga Conservation Park, north of Perth, offers beach camping. It's a 4WD-accessible area, and camping is allowed on the dunes with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean.
  8. Moore River Region:

    • Located about 95 kilometers north of Perth, Moore River Region offers several campgrounds along the river. It's a popular destination for water-based activities, and you can explore the nearby Guilderton for its coastal attractions.

Remember to check for park regulations, permits, and fire restrictions before camping. Additionally, some sites may require bookings, so it's a good idea to plan ahead, especially during peak seasons.

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