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Alexander Morrison National Park

Alexander Morrison National Park

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Alexander Morrison National Park, situated 207 kilometers north of Perth in the Shire of Coorow along the Green Head-Coorow Road, is a pristine natural reserve that pays homage to Alexander Morrison, Western Australia's inaugural Government Botanist. Spanning across 8,500 hectares, this park is a testament to the region's ecological diversity and historical significance.

Ecological Marvels: The park boasts a diverse landscape, encompassing sandplains, low lateritic breakaways resting on sandstones and shales of the Lower Jurassic Cockleshell Gully Formation. While sand heaths dominate the terrain, extensive stands of low woodland and mallee, characteristic of the area, are also present, particularly in the western sections. Noteworthy eucalypt species, including Powder-barked Wandoo (Eucalyptus accedens) and Mallalie (E. eudesmoides), thrive in the region. The heaths showcase a rich array of species typical of the area, with rarities like the spiral bush (Spirogardnera rubescens) adding to the ecological tapestry. The park is also home to the northern variant of Banksia vestita, contributing to its botanical significance.

Historical Roots: The establishment of Alexander Morrison National Park dates back to May 23, 1969, when the Department of Lands and Surveys set aside land under Reserves ↑26800, ↑26803, and ↑26804. Over 1970 and 1971, the area was classified as an "A" Class reserve, ensuring its dedicated purpose without alteration except through parliamentary intervention. The official naming of the park occurred on October 8, 1971.

Environmental Conservation Efforts: In 1974, the Environmental Protection Authority recommended the expansion of the park by incorporating a one-kilometer-wide strip of vacant Crown land on the south side of Green Head-Coorow Road. Despite the recommendation, this expansion initiative was not implemented.

Alexander Morrison National Park stands as a testament to Western Australia's commitment to preserving its natural heritage and commemorating the contributions of key figures like Alexander Morrison. Visitors are invited to explore the park's diverse ecosystems, delve into its historical significance, and appreciate the region's unique flora and fauna.


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