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Benambra National Park

Benambra National Park

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Benambra National Park: A Wilderness Haven in New South Wales

Location: Situated amidst the picturesque South West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia, Benambra National Park unfolds its natural wonders just 30 kilometers northeast of Albury, 20 kilometers southeast of Culcairn, and 20 kilometers southwest of Holbrook. Embraced by private lands, this protected national park beckons adventurers to explore its diverse landscapes, adding a touch of untamed beauty to the region.

History: Established on a foundation of conservation, Benambra National Park boasts a storied past. Originally declared a forest reserve in 1879, it transitioned into a state forest in May 1918. The park, as we know it today, earned its national park status in 2001, driven by a commitment to safeguard remnant White Box and Red Box woodlands that have faced extensive clearing across New South Wales. Throughout its history, the park has witnessed varied land uses, including grazing and small-scale timber harvesting for essential purposes such as firewood and fencing.

In 1985, a significant event unfolded as the entire park succumbed to a wildfire sparked by a lightning strike. This event, etched in the park's history, marked a period of regeneration and resilience in the face of natural challenges.

Features: Nestled at the northern terminus of the Great Yambla Range, a prominent 23-kilometer stretch of cliff faces and flat-topped peaks within the Lachlan Fold Belt, Benambra National Park showcases an altitudinal range from 328 meters to 646 meters above sea level. The park's terrain spans steeply sloping hills, with the northeastern section presenting relatively flat, low-lying country.

One of the park's captivating features is 'Morgan's Cave,' a large cave with historical significance. Legends suggest that in the 1860s, this cave served as a refuge for the notorious bushranger Dan Morgan, adding an intriguing touch to the park's narrative.

Access: While Benambra National Park is predominantly surrounded by private land, access to its untamed beauty is attainable. Public vehicle access is limited, but enthusiasts eager for activities such as bushwalking and birdwatching can gain entry by reaching out to the National Parks & Wildlife Service office in Tumut. This careful approach ensures both the protection of the park's ecological integrity and a memorable experience for those seeking communion with nature.

Embark on a journey into the heart of Benambra National Park, where history, wilderness, and conservation converge to create an enchanting escape in the South West Slopes of New South Wales.

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