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Boodjamulla National Park

Boodjamulla National Park

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Unveiling the Wonders of Boodjamulla National Park: A Nature Haven in Queensland, Australia

Location: Nestled in the heart of the Gulf Country region in northwestern Queensland, Boodjamulla National Park (formerly Lawn Hill National Park) beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Situated approximately 340 km northwest of Mount Isa or 1,837 km northwest of Brisbane, this captivating national park unfolds within the Shire of Burke.

Indigenous Heritage and Joint Management: Boodjamulla National Park embraces the traditional land of the Waanyi people, resonating with a rich cultural history dating back at least 17,000 years. Known as Boodjamulla, or Rainbow Serpent country, the park holds sacred significance for the Waanyi people. In 2010, the Waanyi people were granted native title rights over the region, marking a pivotal moment in recognizing their connection to the land. Presently, the park is jointly managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and the Waanyi people, fostering a harmonious approach to conservation.

Historical Tapestry: In the 1870s, European settlers introduced cattle ranching to the area, culminating in the establishment of Lawn Hill Station—one of Queensland's largest cattle stations. Portions of the station were generously granted to the government as Crown land in 1984, with subsequent grants in 1992, marking the inception of the public-use landscape. The Waanyi people's native title grant in 2010 further solidified their role in co-managing this natural treasure.

Geological Marvels and Landscape: Boodjamulla National Park unfolds across sandstone ranges adorned with winding creeks and rivers. The pièce de résistance is the awe-inspiring Lawn Hill Gorge, a sanctuary of crystal-clear green waters and tropical vegetation. The park boasts diverse habitats, including riverine areas, alluvial flats, rocky hills, and clay plains.

Riversleigh Fossil Fields Section: Within the park lies the Riversleigh Fossil Fields Section, a designated World Heritage Site. This area is a paleontological wonder, preserving fossil remains dating back 25 million years. The park showcases a captivating blend of geological formations, including limestone plateaus and deep gorges.

Flora and Fauna Extravaganza: Embark on a journey through varied ecosystems, from sandstone hills adorned with spinifex, acacias, and eucalypts to river plains hosting western bloodwoods and mitchell grass. The park's diverse flora includes paperbarks, river red gums, figs, ferns, pandanus, and cabbage palms along the watercourses. The aquatic realm teems with waterlilies, ferns, mosses, sedges, and bulrushes in the creeks.

Encounter the freshwater crocodiles inhabiting the gorge, with the park serving as the most easterly distribution for the nocturnal rock ringtail possum. Other notable residents include the agile wallaby, olive python, wallaroo, dingo, and echidna. Birds grace the skies, with over 140 species calling the park home, including the rare purple-crowned fairy-wren.

Management and Conservation: As of June 2022, the park is under joint management, ensuring a delicate balance between conservation efforts and cultural preservation. Indigenous rangers play a vital role in safeguarding the park's ecological integrity, with ongoing efforts to increase their numbers.

Access and Camping: Access to Boodjamulla National Park is an adventure in itself, with the park accessible via the Burke & Wills Roadhouse. The road, though unsealed, promises a journey through the rugged beauty of the Australian outback. Camping enthusiasts can indulge in the immersive experience offered by two designated camping areas: Lawn Hill Gorge and Miyumba bush camp near the Gregory River. Permits and bookings are essential, with camping facilities including toilets and showers at Lawn Hill Gorge.

Plan Your Adventure: For those seeking an unforgettable rendezvous with nature, Boodjamulla National Park awaits. Plan your adventure, traverse the walking tracks, and immerse yourself in the pristine landscapes, ancient wonders, and cultural richness that define this jewel in the Australian national parks crown.

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