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Boorabbin National Park

Boorabbin National Park

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Explore the Wonders of Boorabbin National Park: A Natural Gem in Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields

Location and Overview: Nestled between Coolgardie and Southern Cross in Western Australia, Boorabbin National Park stands as a testament to the region's rich history and diverse ecosystems. Stretching approximately 25 km along the Great Eastern Highway, with a width of 5 km on each side, this national park is a captivating expanse that captivates visitors with its unique features. Boorabbin National Park draws its name from the prominent Aboriginal rock and the Boorabbin settlement, established in 1898.

Geological Marvels and Plateau Landscape: Boorabbin National Park is perched atop a plateau, offering a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding Eastern Goldfields. The landscape, primarily composed of sand, showcases distinctive vegetation that has flourished in deep sands deposited over 50 million years ago. While past degradation has weathered and leached the sands, the park's beauty persists. The plateau vegetation system, unique to this area, showcases rich kwongan heaths, woodlands, and mallee shrublands.

Flora Diversity and Unique Vegetation: Despite the weathered terrain, Boorabbin National Park boasts diverse vegetation. From banksia and acacia to hakea, sandalwood, melaleuca, and grasstree, the park is a haven for botanical enthusiasts. Notably, the park hosts restricted species like Philotheca pachyphylla and Philotheca coccinea in its heathland. The wildflowers, samphire, and salt lakes add to the park's botanical tapestry, creating a vibrant and unique environment.

Rich Fauna and Biodiversity: Fauna surveys within Boorabbin National Park reveal a rich biodiversity. The park is home to 17 native mammal species, including the wongai ningaui, dunnarts, and bush rats. Additionally, 4 frog species, 52 reptile species, and 51 bird species thrive within its boundaries. The park's dragon lizards contribute to its diverse and thriving ecosystem, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Historical Significance and Tragic Incident: In December 2007, tragedy struck Boorabbin National Park when a bushfire claimed the lives of three individuals. The incident occurred after a roadblock was lifted on the Great Eastern Highway in Coolgardie, resulting in a fatal attempt to escape the fire by three truck drivers. The bushfire, fueled by extreme weather conditions, continued for two weeks, devastating an area of more than 7,500 hectares. An inquiry revealed that the Department of Environment and Conservation's extreme incompetence contributed to the tragic deaths.

In memory of the lives lost, a memorial garden and shelter were established near the old town site in 2010, serving as a poignant reminder of the park's resilience and the need for responsible environmental management.

Plan Your Visit: Boorabbin National Park invites adventure seekers, nature lovers, and history enthusiasts to explore its captivating landscapes. Whether you're drawn to its geological wonders, diverse flora and fauna, or the sobering memorial, a visit to Boorabbin National Park promises an enriching experience in the heart of Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields.

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